5 Pitfalls About Starting A Bakery Business

Many peopleĀ  talk about starting a bakery business. Even my wife. She told me once about her fantasy of owning a bakery cafe that serves both coffee and pastry. I was like…COME ON. SERIOUSLY ?!

Everybody thinks that starting a bakery business and running it, is a bed of roses. No thanks to movies and publicity, that portray a carefree life of a bakery. I recall a former banker describing the reasons he jumped head over heel into starting a chain of retail bakeries during a magazine interview. Well, according to this guy, he wanted to get away from the stress of banking after retirement. Therefore, he thought the cafe bakery would allow him to spend his retirement years just, sipping coffee and eating croissant daily. He realized he had made a terrible mistake when his GM came to him every few months to ask for funds to keep the chains from going under.

These are the things people never tell you about running a bakery. Continue reading “5 Pitfalls About Starting A Bakery Business”